Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Compiling Thoughts

Years ago I dug into this niche part of the programming world called SOA. I say niche however it has certainly become mainstream.There are many people I talk to day-to-day that write a service here and there but not many that have put, wow ... 8 years of solid SOA programming in. Folks have said I should share some wealth, good, bad or otherwise but I have resisted. I have resisted because I have been so focused on the next stage of my career that I forgot about this one. I'm back ... I'm fired up and ready to start talking, and excited about it. If you tweet you can occasionally catch me @tazcapt.
So to get back in I decided to start a continuing series on a design/architecture I am working on now for the retail company I work for and cover, the design, development, troubles, testing and deployment issues.
With my next post we will hit the surface of design, problems we needed to address, expected loads on the services and more. We will continue my digging into design, on going development, agile (scrum) and finish up somewhere with the rather favorable outcome. You'll want to stick around for this, it will be fun.
I also have another project coming down the pike which may present with sone cool new ideas.
Till next time ... "stay thirsty my friends".

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